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Andrea Owens

I started working at Harkins Theaters on November 9th, 2019. Harkins is my first job and it is an amazing place to work. There are many opportunities for growth, a lot of tremendous people you get to work with, and some pretty awesome perks. Harkins is a great and fun place for a first job.

Working at Harkins there are many different sections, and levels you will get to work at. First you start out as a team member working as an usher, where you clean and stock the theaters, bathrooms, and condiment stands. You also work door at this level, which is when you greet the guests, rip their tickets, and direct them as to where to go. After working these stations for awhile you will be trained to work the concession stand. Next, you will learn to work the box office, which is where you sell guests their tickets. After mastering all the stations, you will be promoted to team leader. Team leaders wear red shirts and help train the team members, and answer any of their questions. They watch over and lead the sections throughout the day. After a while of working as a “TL” as we call it you can put in to be interviewed for an assistant manager position. Afterward, if you so choose, you can continue to progress to manager, general manager, district manager, and so on.  You can also set you own availability; they understand you are a student and are flexible with the hours you can work. The many opportunities for growth and diversity is just one reason that makes Harkins so outstanding.

While working at Harkins you will meet and work with amazing people. I was nervous my first day, but meeting Zoe Pena, the team leader who trained me, my nervousness was relieved. She taught me how to clean the restrooms, stock the condiment stands, and so much more. The whole team was always there for me if I had any questions and were always willing to help. Your coworkers become friends there, you start competitions as to who can clean the theater the fastest, or even do “nose goes” for the dirty second row. You are doing work but having fun and making friends while doing it.  Harkins creates a vast and positive community between workers that even the guests can feel the positivity.

While working at Harkins you also get perks. Although we don’t get free concessions, we do get free movies. As a Harkins employee you can call in and so long as the theater isn’t to full you can see movies for free. Also, after a few raises you will start to receive guest passes that can be used by anyone to get in free to any movie that hasn’t has been released recently. While on your shift you also have access to free drinks and a popcorn on break, they have little designated cups and popcorn bags that you can go back and fill with any fountain drink and popcorn. This is mostly used for when on break, but can be used to get drinks while working as well. These perks are just a few that you will receive while working at Harkins.

Harkins truly is an exceptional place to work. There are many opportunities for growth, you get to work with an amazing team, and get perks. I have only worked at Harkins for a little over a month, but I can see myself working there for years. To all those looking for a place to start working, Harkins Theatres is a great place to consider.

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Raise the Curtain for the Techies at Kellis Theatre Tue, 03 Dec 2019 16:40:29 +0000
Photos Taken by Ms. Molly Triveline
In above picture: Jordyn Kinnard 9th, Kitana Cameron 9th, Conner Dewyer 9th, Sooah Kim 11th.

Bottom picture: Alejandra Ramirez 9th, Toby Weiss 11th, Kitana Cameron 9th, Alexia Avalos 9th.


“Break a Leg” is what you would say to many aspiring thespians, but theatre, there is another group that contributes to bringing many of our performances together: Tech. At Raymond S. Kellis High school, our technicians, also known as “techies”, oversee the behind the scenes work in our plays, performances, and even dance concerts. Many students that participate in tech get the chance to learn how to use different tools, develop your problem-solving skills, and be in charge of things like lights, sound, curtains, and building sets for upcoming plays. Toby Weiss, a Junior at RSK High School, said, “Tech is about creativity and working together to get the job done. You can learn special skills from tech that you can use in real life. It’s very useful and allows you to help around the school as well as give you experience that you can use in life.” In tech, all students of different grades get the chance to work on the show. Another student at RSK High School, freshman Alejandra Ramirez, said, “I joined tech because I was curious on how it worked behind the scenes.”

Ms. Molly Triveline, Director of the Theatre Department at RSK High School said, “Tech mainly does lights sounds, set, costumes, publicity, and props. If you do sound, you deal with mic systems, speaker systems and has a lot of problem solving. For lights, you do a lot of measuring and do the Photometric Study so you can know which lights to put where. You also hang lights, build the set, use tools like drills and saws. For costumes and sewing, you have to go to the renting agency to rent the costumes or you have to make them. Publicity has to deal with making fliers, making programs, and ushering. For props you have to build the props depending on what we need for the show.”

Tech is a key factor is bringing many of our school events together and it is a good chance to get involved with the school and connect with many of the students, so give a big round of applause to the Kellis techies!

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Feel the Rhythm Wed, 20 Nov 2019 17:31:24 +0000 Raymond S Kellis’s Upcoming Dance Concert

Zack Vasquez
Raymond S Kellis High School dancers performing
The art of dance has always been able to allow people to express certain stories, emotions, or messages,
whether it be to a small audience, or society as a whole. Dance has been a way to convey positivity to
society and it also able to represent different cultures. At Raymond S Kellis High School, our Dance
Department, run by Ms. Watkins and Ms. Hailmann, has been able to give many students the
opportunity to express themselves through rhythm by performing in dance concerts, such as the
upcoming concert on November 21st and 22nd in the auditorium. When talking about the Dance
Department’s upcoming concert, Ms. Watkins said, “Alot of the music will be very upbeat and will be
very familiar to a lot of people, so that is what will make it a unique dance concert. It will also have a lot
of student choreography which will show off the skills that our students have, as opposed to doing a lot
of teacher-centered dances.”
While trying to get a better understanding of the Dance Department, the perspective of some of the
students must also be considered. Alanna Rothell, a junior at Raymond S Kellis High School detailed her
inspiration for joining dance by stating that, “I decided that I might as well try it, mostly because I don’t
mind trying new things and I ended up loving it a lot. I don’t think that you should worry about whether
you like it or not because you don’t really know until you try. It’s nice to get out of your comfort zone,
try new things, and meet new people because you might find something that you could be passionate
Another student at RSK High School, Leif Williams, a senior in the advanced dance class remarked
that, “Dance can teach you important life skills in the sense that you are being held accountable for
being on the team and performing well with others.”

Zack Vasquez
Raymond S Kellis High School dancers performing

Being a part of the dance program is not as simple as some may think because it takes certain skills such as teamwork, dedication, and time management. Although many are afraid to step out of their comfort zone, all teachers and fellow dancers encourage you to participate and become a part of the experience that many have found themselves to be passionate about.

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Sophomore Lane: A Risk in the Making Tue, 19 Nov 2019 17:10:14 +0000
Andrea Owens
Sophomore Lane before school


Students have been arriving early to Raymond S. Kellis High School since its opening to get a parking spot on Orangewood Road. Many students are unaware of the rules for parking in the lot, and claim the lot is too expensive, thus they park on the street instead.

“Sophomore Lane,” as many students have come to call it, is where students park on the road between Kellis and Orangewood. Many students, who wish to stay anonymous, say the school lot is too expensive at $75, which is the cost of a parking pass at the beginning of the year, and which drops to half price after the first semester. The money earned from this fee goes to “an auxiliary account, [which is used for] upgrading the lot, security officers, maintenance for their cars, the parking passes themselves, and other miscellaneous things,” according to Ms. Dunn, the manager of the book store. Ms. Dunn also estimates that only about 250 students per year use the school lot. The price for parking in the lot was set by the board, so if it were to be changed, a new price would have to be presented and approved at a board meeting. As far as the requirements to get a parking pass go, it is not very difficult, according to Ms. Dunn you need, “a valid license, valid insurance, all your class fees paid, and the form filled out and signed.”

Many students park on Orangewood some because of their lack of knowledge about parking on the school lot, others because they feel the fee is too high. Instead of parking in the protected lot many students take the risk of getting their cars broken into, accidents, or parking violations, and park on the road. Students who park on Orangewood do so at their own risk.

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Cougar Varsity Football Tue, 12 Nov 2019 16:48:31 +0000 The Raymond S. Kellis football team playing in their last Varsity football game on October 31, 2019 at home competing against Ironwood High School in tough battle to get their 2nd win in their final game of the season.

Opening the first quarter the Cougars were set to receive the football in the opening drive. As they pushed down the field early their passing looked rough, but their running was spectacular with number 15, A. Palacio, putting up 33 yards in 8 carries. Unfortunately, they did not convert the drive into points and had to punt the ball for 33 yards. Once they received the

ball, the Ironwood Eagles showed the Cougars they were not there to play around and scored a touchdown to put up 6 points, missing the field goal afterwards.

Kellis Cougars received the ball to start off the 2nd quarter of this intense match up, opening up with a new offensive tactic and started to pass the ball downfield more. This worked great putting great pressure on the Eagles as the Cougars held the ball for over half the quarter. However, the Eagles defense was spectacular and stopped the Cougars from getting a touchdown while their offense continued to shine and scored another touchdown putting up 6 more points to end off the first half of the game.

Coming back after halftime the Kellis Cougars looked out of it as they kicked the ball off to the Eagles to start the second half of the game, causing them to score almost instantly this time putting up 7 points. After getting the ball back the Eagles defense made a spectacular play to intercept the Cougar offense to turn the ball over leading to them scoring another touchdown putting on 6 more points. Receiving the ball again the Cougars finally found their rhythm and rushed down the field quickly while shutting down the Eagles defense greatly but missed the 30-yard field goal turning the ball over. As the 3rd quarter winds down the Eagles decide to throw a deep 90-yard pass to tight coverage and still came up with the ball to put in another touchdown scoring 19 points.

Coming in the 4th quarter the Kellis Cougars finally got into rhythm and shut down the Ironwood Eagles in every aspect. The Eagles offense struggled incredibly against the Cougar Defense causing an interception. The Cougars would end up scoring a touchdown in the late 4th quarter holding the Eagles to 0 points in the 4th quarter to wrap up their final game of the season.

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Creative Writing Club’s Upcoming Novel Fri, 08 Nov 2019 15:40:23 +0000 RSK’s Creative Writing Club is writing a novel, a collaboration between seven club members and their
advisor, Mrs. Petersel. The book centers around James Michael Grey, an eccentric candle-maker with
Dissociative Identity Disorder, previously called Multiple Personality Disorder. James participates in an
experiment to separate his personalities, all seven of which are faced with a choice – live separately or
join James again.
Grace Peserik, the vice president of the club, said the club has “been joking about it for the last two
years that the club has existed, so we thought, ‘Why not?’” Grace identifies the club as a safe space,
where members can explore and develop their creative writing skills.
“The people who wrote it” was president Kevin Ward’s joking response to being asked what makes the
novel interesting. Grace answered with, “It’s messy and chaotic, but it’s going to be awesome.”
The novel should be finished with a copy placed in the school library by the end of this year. Creative
Writing Club meets every Wednesday at 2:30 in Mrs. Petersel’s room, room 1-151.

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See the Sights, Come and Visit the Phoenix Art Museum Wed, 30 Oct 2019 16:58:19 +0000
An image of the front entrance of the Phoenix Art Museum taken by Jessica Zook/DD

Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Art is ultimately subjective; the interpretation of art is in the eye of the beholder. Art museums are the best places to go in order to take in many brilliant works of art, and Downtown Phoenix happens to house one such museum. “Since 1959, Phoenix Art Museum has provided millions of guests with access to world-class art and experiences in an effort to ignite imaginations, create meaningful connections, and serve as a brave space for all people who wish to experience the transformative power of art,” according to Melissa Dunmore, one of the media representatives for the Phoenix Art Museum. Located at 1625 N. Central Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85004-1685, the museum draws in over 350,000 people annually, many of their events drawing in a couple hundred people at a time.

The museum houses over 19,000 works of art from numerous ethnical descents. They have everything from modern art to fashion design and photography, they even feature films and live performances! Many of these pieces come from local, Arizona-based artists. The art museum issues artist grants and the Alene and Morton Scult Award to local artists. Ms. Dunmore mentioned that this year the museum is celebrating a milestone regarding its awardees. “This year, the Museum celebrates the first all women cohort of grantees and awardees—Christina Gednalske, Danielle Hacche, Kimberly Lyle, Lena Klett and Nazafarin Lotfi—and 2019 Scult Award Winner Ann Morton.” The exhibit that features the art of these ladies is expected to open later in 2020, but in the meantime, there are plenty of other artists’ works to go and see.

The art museum features many different works of art from infinity room installations like Yayoi Kusama’s “You Who Are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies” and the “Antonio: The Fine Art of Fashion Illustration” exhibition. Currently displayed is what the museum calls “PhxArt60: The Past Decade” that, “showcases select works of art from all departments acquired [by the museum] over the past ten years,” according to Ms. Dunmore. She also mentioned a highly anticipated exhibition, “Legends of Speed,” that opens to the public on November 3rd and features nearly two dozen of the most famous race cars in history.

The Phoenix Art Museum also happens to host many events, the most popular being Pay-what-you-Wish Wednesdays and First Fridays. Ms. Dunmore says that, “These events are designed to be accessible to a variety of ages and abilities.” She also goes on to detail a few upcoming events such as, “a zine making workshop series, the November 1st First Friday, and the ‘College Night’ First Friday on December 6.” First Fridays occur on the first Friday of every month and keeps the Art Museum open from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. with voluntary donation admission. Another popular event the art museum hosts is Pay-What-You-Wish Wednesdays, a weekly event where the museum extends its hours of operation and allows voluntary- donation admission, usually running from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. This longstanding tradition was designed to reduce economic barriers to the arts.

The Center of Arts Education published a report in 2009 that found out that schools in New York that have the least amount of access to the arts also had the highest dropout rates. Conversely, schools with the highest graduation rates had the greatest access to arts education and resources. Students can gain access to the arts, outside of school, via art museums. The

Phoenix Art Museum is a great way to gain such access for Raymond S. Kellis students, and students of many other schools in Arizona.

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Seen Any Awesome Movies Recently? Wed, 16 Oct 2019 16:52:02 +0000

Captain Marvel

Directed by: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck

The Internet Movie Database has claimed “Captain Marvel,” directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, to be the best female superhero movie. It is equipped with thrilling action and suspenseful cliff-hangers that will keep people glued to the screen until the movie is over. The cast includes Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn. More information about the full the cast, screen writers and directors can be found at the following link:

The film of 2019 follows up on Carol “Vers” Danvers, an elite super soldier who is a part of a team working for The Kree, an alien race of super soldiers, getting a distress signal that one of their own is stranded on a planet and needs help. Carol and her team are chosen to go venture through the universe using their high-tech space ship to find and locate one of their own at all cost. Reaching the planet, Carol and her team cross paths with The Skrulls, an enemy of The Kree, resulting in an alien battle! The aftermath of the battle leads to Carol getting captured by The Skrulls and taken to their ship.

Being in war with The Kree for so long, The Skrulls make an attempt to save their race by utilizing the high-tech machinery on their ship to go through Carol’s memories, striving to find a specific location that will help The Skrulls seek sanctuary at last. After a while, Carol manages to break free of her captors, but is left with no other the choice than having to fight her way through The Skrulls in order to escape off their ship. While fighting one of The Skrulls, Carol is slammed through the ship from the enormous force of an explosive, which sends her flying straight down on Earth. Arriving at the notion that she’s on Earth, Carol does a little detective work and manages to send her team leader and mentor a distress signal.

While on Earth, Carol crosses path with young S.H.I.E.L.D agent Nick J. Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) which puts her plan of getting off Earth on pause. But later in the movie, after learning to trust each other, Carol and Nick with the help of some unlikely allies, race to the clock to trying to find the cube, a key to ending the war between The Skrulls and The Kree , which will result in sparing the Earth for being the next alien war battleground and leading to the truth about who the real enemy is and who is really is an ally.

“Captain Marvel,” is loved by people alike. This movie not only makes people love the action, but also takes the audience through the story so that they feel like they’re in the movie every step of the way. The film has made $175,000,000 in box office revenue. Captain Marvel has been ranked the best female superhero movie according to both the audiences and reviewers.

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Gemini Man Movie Review Wed, 16 Oct 2019 16:34:47 +0000


Gemini Man is an upcoming film, set to premiere on October 11, 2019. It is directed by Ang Lee, it stars Will Smith, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Gemini Man is rated PG-13, mostly for its violence and moments of brief strong language. This film is 1 hour and 57 minutes of action and is categorized as a Drama/Thriller. According to Rotten Tomatoes, a popular movie reviewing site, “Gemini Man is an innovative action-thriller starring Will Smith as Henry Brogan, an elite assassin, who is suddenly targeted and pursued by a mysterious young operative that seemingly can predict his every move.” The movie has an innovative premise, with Will Smith’s character “Henry Brogan” getting his DNA copied to make an ultimate assassin, one even to rival the original “Henry.” Once the clone is finished it sets out to kill the original, and they must fight till only one is left. With this movie being yet to air, public reaction is yet to be determined.

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GoodFellas Movie Review Wed, 16 Oct 2019 16:30:26 +0000
Directed by Martin Scorsese


Regardless of the movie being two decades old, it is one of those films that has withstood the test
of time. GoodFellas is an old-fashioned film about the adventures of a young boy, Henry Hill,
growing up New Jersey surrounded with Italian mobster culture in the 1950s. After gaining the
mobsters’ blessings, Henry goes out and starts committing crimes for them. Later, Hill finds
himself in a toxic marriage that is spiraling downwards, and ends up resorting to drugs,
consequently serving time in jail for his heinous crimes. In the end, the members of the mafia,
previously seen as faithful and trusted, are exposed for their backstabbing disloyalty. This
brilliant film presents James Conway (Robert De Niro), Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), Tommy DeVito
(Joe Pesci) and many other gangsters. To find more about GoodFellas visit:

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